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    GNU General Public License in Georgian (GNU GPL)

    This is a translation of the GNU General Public License into Georgian. This translation is distributed in the hope that it will facilitate understanding, but it is not an official or legally approved translation.

    The Free Software Foundation is not the publisher of this translation and has not approved it as a legal substitute for the authentic GNU General Public License. The translation has not been reviewed carefully by lawyers, and therefore the translator cannot be sure that it exactly represents the legal meaning of the GNU General Public License. If you wish to be sure whether your planned activities are permitted by the GNU General Public License, please refer to the authentic English version.

    The Free Software Foundation strongly urges you not to use this translation as the official distribution terms for your programs; instead, please use the authentic English version published by the Free Software Foundation.

    I hope the translation will support the development of free software in Georgia.

    Send comments, suggestions and corrections to

    The translated file is a text-only file, in various Georgian encodings. In order to view the file in Georgian, you need to have installed the Georgian font following the encoding standrd. For GNU/Linux & Unix console, download and install the kafont package. For X, download the package from For Apple Macintosh or MS Windows, download the Georgian fonts in Unicode and BPG standard at or in SP standard by Slava Meskhi at

    Download the Georgian Translation of GNU General Public License (copying-utf-8-ka.txt, Unicode utf-8 encoding, 46KB)

    Download the Georgian Translation of GNU General Public License (copying-sp-ka.txt, SP encoding, 23KB)

    Download the Georgian Translation of GNU General Public License (copying-sp-ka.txt, BPG encoding, 23KB)

    Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any question/comments/suggestions.

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