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    Your fave file manager in Georgian

    Badagi is a package of Georgian language and menu files for file manager Windows Commander v4.03 (you will need to download and install Windows Commander v4.03 separately!).

    All the texts and menus will appear in Georgian. Even tooltips!

    You can even have Georgian filenames and Georgian file extensions and also search for them (this function suggested by shakro II Papa)! See the snapshot!

    No need to kartvelize Windows fully! Just choose Georgian BPG encoded font (included in the package!) for menu, dialog title and dialog text in Control Panel.

    Georgian BPG keyboard file for Windows 9x also included in the package!

    Included regionalized versions for Guria, Kakheti, Racha (other translations welcome). Just go to Configuration / Options / Language and change dialect if you like (also this function suggested by shakro II Papa)!

Some of the Windows Commander functions:
    Two windows side by side.

    Keyboard similar to NC.

    Full Drag & Drop support.

    Handles almost every archive as a directory!

    User defined menus and icons!

    Built-in and fully configurable Viewer for text / binary / hex.

    Easy command line handling.

    Internal ZIP packer!

    Internal unpackers for ZIP, ARJ, LZH, GZ, TAR, RAR and ACE formats.

    Compare files by content.

    Copy or zip files in background.

    Synchronize directories with subdirectories.

    Extended copy / move / search features.

    Built-in FTP client with loads of features!

    Additional packers and unpackers can be configured (as extension DLLs).

    Only US$ 32 (or CHF 40)!

    The fully functional demo can be tested for 30 days.

    Versions for Windows 3x/9x/NT/2000 (to use Badagi on Wincmd for 16 bit Windows, you'll need to kartvelize Windows - visit

Here's a snapshot of Windows Commander using Badagi for Guria:

It would be great if you drop me a line saying you have installed Badagi, so that I know somebody cares and it's worth developing. Also, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas, suggestions, critics etc. or would like to create other regionalized versions (e.g. Megruli).
Download (60 KB)

Download trial version of Windows Commander v. 4.03 32 bit (1.30 MB!)

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