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    Georgian console fonts for GNU/Linux & Unix

    Kafont is a Georgian font package for text based (console) GNU/Linux & Unix. License: GNU General Public License. See COPYING file in the package.

    It includes 2 Georgian console fonts (in georgian-academy (BPG) and georgian-ps (SP) encoding standard), also keyboard mapping files for console.

    PLEASE NOTE: Some new distributions of GNU/Linux already include Georgian mapping files for console and X. In that case you probably do not need to install the kbd layout files, but only the Georgian console fonts. The console font files included
    in the package are in raw bitmap font format. They are not in PCF or other modern console font formats. The new release of kafont will probably have the font files in 512 (for Unicode) char PCF format.

    kafont doesn't include any Georgian fonts or keyboard layouts for X. If you are interested in typeing in Georgian in X, try Levan Shoshiashvili's package at  The package includes various Georgian fonts in various X compatible formats, also xmodmap layouts for Georgian, for
    the case the xkb and xmodmap Georgian layout files are not already included in your distribution.

    With Kafont you can view Georgian web sites with lynx, send Georgian emails with pine etc.

    Download the package and see README for more information.

    You can also download the WinBatch script belowif you would like to create / edit 8x14 console bitmap fonts for GNU/Linux & Unix (You'll need WinBatch interpreter to use the script).

    Please contact me if you would like to contribute your Georgian font to Kafont package.

Download kafont-1.2.tgz (13.9 KB)

Download 8x14 bitmap_font_editor.wbt (WinBatch script, 15 KB)


November 3,


Created with Netscape Composer for GNU/Linux